National Championship 2015 Heartland Open Battle for Homestead Feherty's Troops First Win with Srixon Arkansas Championship

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Congratulations to the 2012 National Championship Winners!

2012 National Championship Winners

Championship: Brian Beach

Previous Championship Winners ►

2011-Paul Erdman

2010-Don O’Connor
2009-Pete DeTemple
2008-Clay Fullick
2007-Travis Drain

Palmer: Michael Healey

Previous Palmer Winners ►

2011-Patrick Polzin

2010-Gio Swann
2009-Patrick Polzin
2008-Troy Boswell
2007-Jeremy Smith

Hogan: Jason Conner

Previous Hogan Winners ►

2011-Tim Williams

2010-Jacob Hibler
2009-Zac Day
2008-Andrew Wilson
2007-Ryan Bondio

Sarazen: Kenneth Ambrosio

Previous Sarazen Winners ►

2011-Bradley Bishop

2010-Mark Perfetuo
2009-Stephen Cannon II
2008-Jeff Garland
2007-Greg LaPlante

Jones: Richard Kelley

Previous Jones Winners ►

2011-Suneil Aggarwal

2010-Suneil Aggarwal
2009-Charlie Reiter
2008-Douglas Morgan
2007-Cedric Coleman

Snead: Paul Nault

Previous Snead Winners ►

2011-Bilal Jordan

2010-Michael Poole
2009-Alfred Defeo
2008-Subodh Dhiman
2007-Doug Morgan

2012 Senior National Championship Winners

Senior Championship: Mark Palmer

Previous Senior Championship Winners ►

2011-Larry Krogness
2010-Ken Larney
2009-Ken Larney
2008-James Long
2007-David Mitchell

Senior Palmer: Jeff True

Previous Senior Palmer Winners ►

2011-Clifford Conover
2010-Clifford Conover
2009-Clifford Conover
2008-Richard Mauersberg
2007-Ken Larney

Senior Hogan: Ed Dyer

Previous Senior Hogan Winners ►

2011-Jeff Couch
2010-Don Miller
2009-Scott Godino
2008-Kelly Smith
2007-David Harbeson

Senior Sarazen: Bob Tuttle

Previous Senior Sarazen Winners ►

2011-Dave Verhulst
2010-Mickey Rogers
2009-Steven Owensby
2008-Ken Downing
2007-Scott Mraule

Senior Jones: Daniel Henris

Previous Senior Jones Winners ►

2011-Mark Millard
2010-Randy Adcock
2009-Chip Fleming
2008-William Raub
2007-Greg Phillips

Senior Snead: Tony Ott

Previous Senior Snead Winners ►

2011-Joseph Burns
2010-Rod Burns
2009-Pekka Ojapalo
2008-Vic Okler
2007-Joseph Golan

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