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Golf Channel Am Tour is proud to officially announce that in 2014, top players will take their shot for the coveted title of NATIONAL CHAMPION at the “World’s Finest Golf Destination” in Scottsdale, Arizona. You’ll enjoy 4 days of competition at Grayhawk and Talking Stick Golf Clubs and the Four-Diamond luxury of Talking Stick Resort in the evening.

Congratulations to the 2013 National Championship Winners!

2013 National Champions Final Round

2013 Sr. National Champions Final Round

2013 National Championship Winners

Championship: Oakley Murphy

Previous Championship Winners ►

2012-Brian Beach
2011-Paul Erdman
2010-Don O’Connor
2009-Pete DeTemple
2008-Clay Fullick
2007-Travis Drain

Palmer: Johnny Frink

Previous Palmer Winners ►

2012-Michael Healey
2011-Patrick Polzin
2010-Gio Swann
2009-Patrick Polzin
2008-Troy Boswell
2007-Jeremy Smith

Hogan: Kevin Capps

Previous Hogan Winners ►

2012-Jason Conne
2011-Tim Williams
2010-Jacob Hibler
2009-Zac Day
2008-Andrew Wilson
2007-Ryan Bondio

Sarazen: Rafael Rodriguez

Previous Sarazen Winners ►

2012-Kenneth Ambrosio
2011-Bradley Bishop
2010-Mark Perfetuo
2009-Stephen Cannon II
2008-Jeff Garland
2007-Greg LaPlante

Jones: Nick Easen

Previous Jones Winners ►

2012-Richard Kelley
2011-Suneil Aggarwal
2010-Suneil Aggarwal
2009-Charlie Reiter
2008-Douglas Morgan
2007-Cedric Coleman

Snead: Daniel Guerra

Previous Snead Winners ►

2012-Paul Nault
2011-Bilal Jordan
2010-Michael Poole
2009-Alfred Defeo
2008-Subodh Dhiman
2007-Doug Morgan

2013 Senior National Championship Winners

Senior Championship: Bob Brooks

Previous Senior Championship Winners ►

2012-Mark Palmer
2011-Larry Krogness
2010-Ken Larney
2009-Ken Larney
2008-James Long
2007-David Mitchell

Senior Palmer: Ray Henry

Previous Senior Palmer Winners ►

2012-Jeff True
2011-Clifford Conover
2010-Clifford Conover
2009-Clifford Conover
2008-Richard Mauersberg
2007-Ken Larney

Senior Hogan: Randy Hodges

Previous Senior Hogan Winners ►

2012-Ed Dyer
2011-Jeff Couch
2010-Don Miller
2009-Scott Godino
2008-Kelly Smith
2007-David Harbeson

Senior Sarazen: Richard Stein

Previous Senior Sarazen Winners ►

2012-Bob Tuttle
2011-Dave Verhulst
2010-Mickey Rogers
2009-Steven Owensby
2008-Ken Downing
2007-Scott Mraule

Senior Jones: John Scott

Previous Senior Jones Winners ►

2012-Daniel Henris
2011-Mark Millard
2010-Randy Adcock
2009-Chip Fleming
2008-William Raub
2007-Greg Phillips

Senior Snead: Jim Allard

Previous Senior Snead Winners ►

2012-Tony Ott
2011-Joseph Burns
2010-Rod Burns
2009-Pekka Ojapalo
2008-Vic Okler
2007-Joseph Golan

GC Am Tour Mobile

Exclusive “Players Only” rate of $144 per night for a limited time.

This rate is good three days before and after the National and Senior National Championships.
Call La Quinta Resort & Spa at 1-800-598-3828 and notify the reservation agent that you are with
Golf Channel Amateur Tour. Rooms are subject to availability and should be booked as soon as
possible. Book Now